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Showreel 2011


Our actual Showreel is ready now to the download. We would be glad about your feedback. We wish a lot of fun with it.

Showreel 2011

BV Pilz Teiglingsproduktions GmbH


A real-life challenge often starts with the simple words "we can do this". By accompanying a good planing with a highly professional partner (GeoPic - undefinedhttp://www.geopic.at) those words can become reality.

In this case - extension of the manufacturing facility of Pilz Teiglingsproduktions in Schrems - the client asked for a cost-efficient way to place 3D-renderings into areal photographs of the plot.

Together with the project architect Michael Schneck we developed a model of the volumes in 3d. We then defined the time of the day, the exact position of the camera in space and extracted the related GPS-positions. Based on those informations GeoPic could relatively simple plan their flight in advance.

To check the integrity of the planing for the flight we obtained images generated by the flight-planing software. Those images matched perfectly and the flight could be started. 

On 10 August the weather was pefect for shooting. After 2 days we received the edited and marked images and fitted them into the 3d-model. The whole process ran pretty smooth and without any problems. 

GeoPic flies with a 4 rotors drone equipped with a digital camera. The drone is fully remote controlled and transmits live-images to the base station for error checking. This way one can see at any time exactly what the camera-chip is "seeing". This project proofs once again that obtaining a good result without lots of troubles relies heavily on the collaboration of highly professional partners.

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In addition to our co-work with GeoPic we managed to deliver plans for building approval of the extension and renovation steps.

Toyota Frey Salzburg


The new Sales- and Workshopbuilding in Salzburg/Aigen commenced operations mid August. There are only some minor works left to do before the offical opening ceremony takes place at the beginning of October. We are proud to say we have significantly contributed to the realisation of this architectural masterpiece. 


Competition Messe Salzburg


The results for the competition for hall 10-15 including a convention center at the Messe Salzburg are confirmed. Unfortunately this time the proposal of Atelier Burgstaller is not the winning project.


Impounding reservoir Jochenstein/Riedl


The power plant Donaukraftwerk at Jochenstein/Riedl, located at the austrian border with Germany, is designing a new impounding reservoir. To communicate the project to the local residents we were commissioned to produce an visualization and animation of the whole area.

Residential neighborhood Lamprechtshausen


The architects Resmann & Schindlmeier form Salzburg rely on our expertise and comissioned us to produce the required documents for building approval of an housing development with 64 units in Lamprechtshausen.

Salzburg Airport - Runway lighting


In the process of improving the runways at Ariport Salzburg the runway lighting is being reworked. The client commissioned an animation to visualize 3 design options. The client wants to see how the runway lighting is looking at night and how the pilot of an Airbus A320 would perceive the runway.

Mega Mall Ljulin - Sofia


After two months of hard work the construction documentation for this project is now digital again. The company Malojer Baumagement GmbH & Co, located in Innsbruck, has commissioned a-b CAD at the end of April to produce digital construction documents using CAD. We were handed over 144 plans in the PDF format by the client and requested to exactly rebuild them in our CAD application. As you can guess from the total net internal area of 67.000 sqm this was not an easy task.

Mc Donald's Völkermarkt


The planing process for this new Mc Donald's restaurant was recently completed and the building is in construction. The site is located near the motorway A2 in Völkermarkt, Kärnten. Again a video production was commissioned for this new location.

BV Gries


The austrian company WIGO Haus (Fertighaus Erler GmbH) is currently planing the terraced housing houses in Zell am See. Due to bad weather conditions in the past few weeks the compositing of the pictures taken on site was challenging. We achieved to completely satisfy our client's aesthetical demands.

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein


Segmentation of the glass shell

The complexity of this task was revealed during the work on the segmentation of the glass shell. The resulting glass elements had to be small enough to fit into the manufacturer's furnace while keeping them as large as possible to reduce their total number. Additionally, the segmentation had to please the aestetical requirements of the architect. We feel to successfully have fullfilled all of those expectations.

We determined the exact number of glass elements which require double glazing and those with single glazing. In the next step the length, radius and surface area for each glass element were calculated.

The feedback from our client Asen, an austrian steel manufacturer located in Seekrichen, was very positive. Once again the team of a-b CAD could show it's expertise and facilitate the planing process of a complex building.

Airport Salzburg - Travel Value Shop


The german company Gebr. Heinemann, which provides the international travel market with solutions as a distributor, retailer and logistics specialist, engaged Atelier Volkmar Burgstaller for the remodeling of Travel Value Shop at Salzburg Airport.

As with previous projects there was a very tight time schedule. We managed to produce the final presentation images to illustrate the architect's vision within only half a day of work.

The propsed shop design was so conivncing, that Gebr. Heinemann decided to start immediately with construction documentation and realisation of the project.

Stadtwerkeareal / Salzburg


On a plot of the municipal energy supplier of Salzburg a new residential neighborhood equipped with the most modern energy extraction systems is being developed. In order to ensure ideal positioning of the future buildings we have been contracted to develop a survey, which analyzes the exact light and shade situation.

Mc Donald's Telfs / Tirol


The first in a whole row of future building developments is being established by the McDonalds brand in Telfs. The new facilities and CI were presented to the franchisees under the usage of our visualizations and animations. The construction plans were developed by our partner Leitner & Marius Planungs GmbH.

Toyota Frey Salzburg


New sales department and garage building

In the city of Salzburg Toyota Frey is establishing its new sales department and garage building. “Atelier  Burgstaller”, the architects of Hangar 7 once again demonstrated their capabilities and a-b CAD’s work was an essential contribution to the implementation of the architects ideas.

Approx. 4 years ago Toyota Frey decided to spread its business into western Austria. After having found an appropriate plot the preliminary draft was started.

A building of its own unique kind was supposed to be developed. The first sketches made it clear, that this was going to be a big job for us. The first 3D model of a whole series was developed. After the Salzburg advisory committee for townscape approved the basic design we were free to go.

After amending and improving the basic form of the future building countless times, the construction work was started in the winter of 2008. By using our 3D models the specialized architectural planners (for example the company Unger Steel) were able to take off with their work immediately. The provided data made the planning and production of construction elements a lot simpler and faster.

All the way from hardcopy portfolios to full-scale animations, we set up an immense number of presentations for all kinds of means. The development presentation for the ground-breaking ceremony was the absolute highlight though. Top executives of the Toyota Frey company and Toyota Japan followed it and complimented us on the fine job we had done.

Let’s let these pictures speak for themselves!

Our new website is online!


Almost coevally we launched our new website and opened our new branch in Vienna. We developed our web-based presentation together with agency Eigensinn (www.agentur-eigensinn.at).

Besides creating a cutting edge web image it was important to us to ensure great usability, simple maintenance and to demonstrate a clear image of our projects by displaying them in their broad variety and professionalism.

On our website you will find: Besides project presentations, a whole variety of services we offer – all the way, from CAD planning to project presentation, from a simple blueprint to a full scale multimedia preparation of your project.

We think these goals have been achieved. Check us out (www.abcad.at) and let us know what you think of it!

3D-Monitor – A treat without usage of 3D-glasses!


The fascination of 3D – Viewing objects three-dimensionally on a screen for a long time only was possible in combination with 3D glasses. Now a special monitor makes the three-dimensional display of objects possible without using any kind of additional appliances.

Of course we already are working with this new age revolutionary technology. Applying it as an eye catcher at exhibitions or trade shows, as well as an impressive and catchy product and project presentation.

These monitors are also ideal for group presentations. Our 42” monitor with its ideal viewing distance of 3 to 5 meters is ideal for large exhibitions or presentations before a large number of persons. Our smaller 22” monitor with its ideal viewing distance of 1,5 to 2,5 meters is rather recommendable for small group presentations. You can also rent our 42” 3D monitor incl. a pedestal! We are looking forward to your inquiry: mstumpf(at)abcad.at

You are interested in purchasing a 3D monitor? We are glad to forward your inquiry to our distribution partner.

New web presence


We gladly present our new website design to you!

You will find a complete variety of our services, from CAD planning to product visualization. Have a good time while surfing our site!

a-b CAD in Vienna


On 01.11.2009 a-b CAD Dienstleistungs GmbH opened a branch in Vienna. Now it’s even easier for interested parties and Clients from eastern Austria to consult us and our services.

contact a-b CAD Dienstleistungs GmbH Wien:

Contact person: Gerhard Riedl
Herbeckstraße 27/Stiege 2/Top 3
1180 Vienna

Tel: +43 (1) 997 18 75
Fax: +43 (1) 997 18 75-10

E-mail: riedl(at)abcad.at

Download area


In the download area we prepared our new imagefolder for you. Our new showreel is also forthcoming. Take a look! It’s worth it!